Saturday, 10 January 2009

Healing hands - Khun Sa-ard Sarayan...

Leaving UK for Dubai the day after she had her wrist cast removed denied Olwen much needed physio for her wrist and, more important to her mobility, her right leg/ankle and fractured heal. Having recommended his medicinal massage service for guests over the years and seen the wonders he can work after a few treatments, we took her to visit Sa-ard at his modest treatment room in Bangrak.

After her initial treatment Sa-ard claimed he could have Olwen walking unaided within a week and although only for short distances and in some pain, she did.

His treatment to improve her ability to walk focused on 'stretching' through massage, her calf muscle and Achilles tendon which had atrophied through lack of use.

Jonny and guest Gemma, a chronic back pain sufferer, both took advantage of Sa-ard's visits to the hotel, to seek relief.

Previous beneficiaries of Sa-ard's treatment include a guest who, as a victim of a stroke 18 months earlier couldn't touch his forhead with his right hand. After five weeks of massage and exercise our guest regained almost full movement of his previously paralized right side.

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  1. Hi. Your hotel looks great, but we're having trouble getting hold of you on either email or phone! When's the best time to call? I'm trying 0066 77 245733....



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