Friday, 23 January 2009

Not good news for the neighbourhood, but not as bad as it could be...

As one development (and source of noise) completes next door, another starts across the road. I should say, re-starts, because the site has been idle since casting the foundations and basement car park concrete, for over a year. Whilst we're pleased that Spikey Pete and his partners have found the necessary finance to complete their resort development, I'm not happy about the potential for noise and disturbance the construction will bring.

The project, a mixed-use, low-rise development of serviced apartments, a hotel and retail units, is due for completion in October 2009. Working hours are said to be from 08h00 to 17h00 Monday to Saturday.

With the building site located across the road, the potential for disturbance to the hotel's usual somnolent atmosphere is much less than when the buildings either side were constructed and every hammer-blow would be funneled along all three guest room floors. Fortunately, the main access to the site is at the far end of the development on the main road to Bangrak/Big Buddha, limiting the traffic noise and dust reaching the hotel.

We no longer have any road facing rooms, having converted these in to store rooms, which is a blessing, so we're much better off than our friends at B 1 Villa, Carpe Diem and Cocooning, who are now in the thick of it.

In the longer term, the completed development will be good (I tell myself) for the small hotels, like ours, at the eastern end of the Fisherman's Village, that can offer choices of restaurants and bars to the increased number of visitors that may choose to stay down our end of an evening.

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