Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Chiang Mai Friends Part 1 - P Law

In a quite corner of Chiang Mai, by the university, you can find Baan Phee Du, the home and workshop of artist Khun Lek, also known by his nickname – P Law.

P Law offers pottery lessons to the novice and the experienced alike, charging 300 THB (8.5 USD) an hour which includes clay and instruction (should you need it).

Spend a couple of hours there throwing shapes, then go back later in the week and work on your glaze. P Law will then fire it for you in one of his beautifully homemade kilns.

The house and garden (Baan Phee Du means 'Fierce Ghost House', much to his neighbours dismay) was also the home for a year to the girls from Sabai , Fiona & Miranda.

Baan Phee Du is an inspirational place, full of life and light. Vases, bowls and cups one could easily pay 100 dollars for in a gallery, lie about the place. Rejected by the master, flawed in unknown ways (they looked great to my untrained eye), beautiful and unique. Discarded but respected, each one a reminder to P Law of past experimentations.

Baan Phee Du is open daily from April to June, mornings only.
Check out P Law here. Tel: +66 (0) 53 401111 or +66 (0) 85 6143463

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  1. Interesting debut post Dom. Well done and my hopes for many more.


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