Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Ocean Suite Number 9 - a teasing preview

Ocean Suite, highlighted in yellow

As a consequence of slithering into operation as a hotel on the day of the 2004 tsunami, four months ahead of schedule (see previous post: It all seems a long time ago ...), we somehow came to employ room 9, one of Baan Bophut's most spacious seaview rooms, as the combined linen and store room. It started as a temporary arrangement, as many of these things do, but evolved to seemingly irreversable permanence very quickly. In the end, and using the hotel's low season maintenance closure in May, Lucy tackled the issue. The contents of room 9 were sorted and moved to occupy the two unpopular, road facing rooms (10 & 13) on the 1st and 2nd floors. The new suite now uses much of the furniture from these former guest rooms.

It wasn't a straightforward conversion. Since Baan Bophut's construction, B1 Villa had opened for business next door and room 9's veranda now faced a wall of custard coloured paint just a metre and a half away. So, builders bricked-up and integrated the former veranda seemlessly into a new double bedroom.

A door and wall were constructed to create a second room into which Lucy has opted to put two single beds. A set of secure double doors at the end of the first floor corridor now gives access to the suite and its own veranda overlooking the restaurant deck, pool and beach.

View from the Ocean Suite

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