Friday, 19 September 2008

It could have been worse...

It could have been a 24/7 Korean karaoke bar going up next door, or a multi-outlet food palace specialising in fermented fish dishes to cause us permanent loss of revenue and value, creating stress and anguish for life. As it is, the construction that temporarily intrudes into the life of Baan Bophut is to be the retirement home of a nice Australian couple. And, if you were to ask me - they could not have chosen a nicer spot.

Immediately to the west of us, the noise is worse in rooms 1 and 5

The heavy construction of the villa is largely complete, without too many complaints of disturbance from guests, who knew we couldn't do anything about it. But in recent days the noise had driven a couple booked-in for a week to seek somewhere quieter. Of course we understood their need for peaceful relaxation (it's why we exist!) and gave them a lift.

Investigation revealed that a large beam on the first floor, front elevation, had a bulge as a result of the concrete formwork buckling and a hammer-drill of sorts was used to remove the offending excess concrete, as you can see in the close-up.

Fingers crossed, the jackhammering is over, but we know from our own experience that, as finishing commences, nothing can be more annoying when one is trying to relax on the beach than the sound of an angle grinder-cutting tiles to size. And we give you fair warning if, as a guest, you intend to stick around the hotel all day.

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